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  The company adheres to the principle that human resources is the first resource, only applies to quantity, stimulates the potential and creativity of employees, provides the conditions for growth and value enhancement of talents, and measures the value of employees to the company by their abilities and contributions, so as to make good conduct , Outstanding talents with dedication, diligence, strong business ability, and high work efficiency stand out. Make people make the best use of their talents.
  We advocate a "healthy, happy, active, scientific" work concept. Only by being physically and mentally healthy and enjoying work can you have the real pleasure of life.
  Development is not only the combination of personal and corporate interests, but also the ability for everyone to share common ideals and values, which will be a source of energy to promote the development of the company.
  The company provides each employee with a comprehensive salary and welfare guarantee, and provides each employee with a broad development space.
  1. Employee salary: basic salary + performance salary + allowance, subsidy + various rewards
  2, employee benefits:
  (1) The company purchases five social insurances and one housing fund for employees (pension insurance, medical insurance, maternity insurance, unemployment insurance, work injury insurance, housing provident fund);
  (2) Employees enjoy holidays: paid annual leave, family visit leave, marriage leave, funeral leave, maternity and family planning leave, national statutory holidays.
  (3) In order to protect the occupational health of employees, the company provides a free comprehensive occupational health check for all employees every year. In addition, when the company purchases medical insurance for employees in accordance with the law, it also participates in provincial-level mutual medical assistance, so that sick employees can reimburse a certain percentage of medical expenses through the medical mutual aid fund on the basis of medical insurance.

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